Soundcloud Launches Paid Streaming Service ‘Soundcloud Go’

Soundcloud Go is the name of Soundcloud’s new paid streaming service, and it is officially live. The service will set you back $12.99 a month on iOS and $9.99 for anybody else. For the $9.99, users will be able to stream music on Soundcloud ad-free, as well as having offline streaming available to them similar to the other major streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, etc). Most importantly, users will be able to listen to every song on Soundcloud. After inking deals with all the major record companies, Soundcloud will now offer more music from major artists, but the artists and their teams will have the choice to have certain music available for everyone and other premium only.

So far, it looks like the update is only available on Soundcloud’s app for mobile devices, as their website has yet to update to reflect the change. Stay tuned, and check out at tweet below showing the update screen.

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