Soundcloud Diggin Episode 17 (April 3, 2016)

After taking a week off, we’re back with a new stash of Soundcloud digs for our wonderful readers. Dig in below!

The midwest in general is just such a hip hop hotbed these days. The biggest cities in the Midwest wave at the moment are Chicago, Milwaukee and certainly, Minneapolis, which is where we find Drelli dwelling. It doesn’t hurt to have work with one of the city’s biggest names at the moment and that’s what Drelli did here on this beautiful rap duet. The synth-driven song’s got it all; lyrics, melody and yes, a dope beat. Follow Drelli on the social media’s of your choosing and keep your eyes and ears on the young fella. – Trixx

For me, discovering new R&B talent is the most refreshing type of music discovery there is. There are so many elements that go into a great track and David Sanya & EhCee‘s ‘Liquid Love’ is beyond infectious thanks to so many elements coming together perfectly. Powerful vocals, catchy hook, progressive production, and an enjoyable atmosphere has me mashing the replay button on this track. – malbin

Music usually runs in the family, and I was able to be put onto George Clintons‘ grandchildren, who are a duo that go by the name Kandy Apple Redd. They get their grandfather on this track ‘Bring It Home’, features live instrumentation and a lot of funk, which you should already have suspected. The Clinton family has talent, people. – malbin

Chicago producer Provsounds shares with us an expression of his feelings over the past five months in the form of this four song instrumental EP What You Want. Prov dishes out a lush soundscape that sounds 110% organic, which you’d expect from such a personal project. This is perfect music to throw on while you’re reflecting, studying, and of course to just vibe to. – malbin

Admittedly, DrewsThatDude is a name I have seen around but I never dug into his stuff. With production credits including Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Omarion, Jeezy, T-Pain, & many others, the multi-Grammy nominated producer deserved to have his Soundcloud dug through. His latest single ‘Iced Tea’ shows off his beautiful key work and R&B type sound that is always fluent in his production work. This track will live on Drew’s forthcoming EP En Amor, which drops on April 8th according to the description of the song. – malbin