Soundcloud Diggin Episode 18 (April 10 2016)

On episode 18 of Soundcloud Diggin, we have seven new digs that you are sure to dig, ranging from some boom-bap hip-hop to eccentric vocalists boosting both dark and colorful production. Dig in below.

Matt Black has a sound that has a similar vibe to Majid Jordan, who have been on repeat this year for me, making this track an instant favorite of mine for the week. The track is full and has a cinematic feel once the breakdown in the middle of the song comes in. With a sound oozing with potential that is already capable of standing alone as is, Matt’s development is something I am going to keep my ears tuned into. – malbin

Sometimes when you find new music on Soundcloud and you see how big the artist actually is, you realize how big the music industry is. That’s how I felt when I got hip to PUSHER, a Canadian producer that has a handful of high-profile remixes under his belt. His new single ‘Clear’ featuring ethereal vocals from Mothica is an infectious summer sleeper, released just in time to get heated up before summer. PUSHER‘s bio says he makes “shiny colorful music” and this is all the evidence you need to confirm that. – malbin

When nostalgia hits you in the right way, it’s a beautiful thing. Chicago producer Jaro drops a remix to Bow Wow & Ciara‘s ‘Like Me’ featuring some groovy added instrumentation over the vocals. This is the kind of track that just slides down your Soundcloud feed all week and you have no problem with that because the song is that dope. This won’t get me to listen to a Bow Wow or Ciara album, but it reminds me that they exist. Thanks Jaro. – malbin

It’s rare that I post instrumentals, so you know I stumbled on something special with this track ‘1994’ by Roman Kouder. Boosting a dope vocal sample throughout the track, the only thing that this instrumental is missing is some beautiful female vocals over it. I’m sure it won’t be long until we hear that greatness. – malbin

When an artist can sound nostalgic yet progressive at the same time, you know that they are something special. After stumbling upon LA singer SIDIBE, her new song ‘You Wanna Love Everybody’ has been on repeat for me. Boosting blissful vocals that are reminiscent of some of the best R&B artists in the past 30 years with updated, fresh production that feels soft like a light breeze in the night. Another example of a great artist hidden on Soundcloud took some digging to find. – malbin

Brought in by the Noname Gypsy feature, I stayed for the performance of both her and PlvXid. This is a patented boom bap track with a shimmering beat and great verses from both artists. That’s really all that needs to be said about the track – all you need to know is what you’re getting yourself into. – malbin

What if’s can really dig into a person, and Milwaukee’s 3099 digs into that topic on this new track ‘Ostinato’ featuring Lex Allen. This has a great sound to it – similar to some Slum Village – with a smooth rapping and singing blend that together creates a true piece of mood music. – malbin