Post Malone Chokes Justin Bieber After Being Used as Ashtray

post malone chokes justin bieber

Post Malone chokes Justin Bieber after being used as an ashtray during a Purpose Tour afterparty. Post was performing his hit single ‘White Iverson’ while Bieber was on stage behind him smoking a cigarette, and proceeded to use Post as an ashtray and making a suspicious face. At a later time, Post went up to Bieber and choked him, as you can see from the picture above. There’s no word about the incident otherwise, but if this wasn’t a joke, it sure is a bad look for both dudes. Watch the video below of the ashtray incident, and view the picture of Post choking Bieber above.

EDIT: As suspected, this was a nonissue and everything is all good between Post & Bieber.