Soundcloud Diggin Episode 19 (April 17 2016)

I don’t really have much to say this week, just having a chill Sunday, getting some work done for the forthcoming week and in the meantime, we found some chill, new finds to help me out and hopefully it’ll be of interest to all of you as well.

We’re headed out to Australia for this first cut. Clovers is a duo that just released their debut single ‘Say’ that has soul just oozing out of the track, from the glistening production to the breezy vocals. It is the type of track that you come across and think to yourself “every single person in the world needs to hear this song.” It’s that good and organically fresh. – malbin

To tell the truth, I actually stumbled upon Bernard Flowers single ‘This Feeling’ on Spotify, but it eventually ended up reaching me on Soundcloud and it fits the criteria. Bernard is a Memphis native that just inked a deal with EPIC Records and this single is his first public release. The song all around is a great introduction track to a new R&B artist signed to a major record label. The production is sharp, vocals are strong, & the hook is memorable. It’s worth keeping a tab on Bernard – who feels like a breath of fresh air compared to many R&B singers coming out these days. – malbin

This one defies the rules a bit since it’s a god damn YouTub video but f*ck it, rules don’t hold me. This is AJ Suede, a native of Pennsylvania with a silky smooth flow that’s on full display on this track “Walking On Air”. Underneath that smooth flow, AJ throws in a bunch of quotables and controversial opinions, taking precise aim at bunch of topics including PETA and Love & Hip Hop. Give this one a listen and we hope you enjoy!

A friend passed this next artist on to me, an emcee by the name of Ivy Sole. He compared her to Noname [Gypsy], which isn’t far off but Ivy Sole‘s got a deeper, more rugged voice, until she takes a break to sing some of her own hooks. The talent is undeniable on her new project of her’s EDEN.

We’re a hip hop website but I question you as a fan of music if that’s all you listen to. To wrap things up, we have the electro-pop stylings of EXES, an Los Angeles based singer and producer duo. This song “twentythousand” is actually more hip hop influenced than you’d think. I made a beat this weekend that’s very similar to this one. The chords, are something used often, especially with Soulection inspired producers and the drums too are very much in that same vein. The difference is the vocals, which are very much derivative of pop. The nicely polished vocals make this song together real nicely. It’s just a great Sunday afternoon tune.