Kanye West & TIDAL are Being Sued Over ‘The Life of Pablo’

It feels like TIDAL is catching lawsuits left and right. Their latest lawsuit is from a Kanye West fan that is suing Kanye & the streaming service for lying to customers about the album being exclusively available on TIDAL. As we know now, the album is now available on Apple Music & Spotify, and that is really the big reason why this lawsuit exists. As Kanye previously stated on Twitter that the album would “never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal.” As stated above, the album is available on multiple platforms now and it is also for sale exclusively threw Kanye’s website.

According to the lawsuit, the value of new subscribers and their personal information could be as much as $84 million for TIDAL.

We’ll have to wait for a comment from Kanye, JAY Z, or TIDAL to make judgements, because this decision ultimately could be decided based on the stipulations of Kanye’s recording contract, not his word.