Lil Uzi Vert Goes Off on Hacker For Leaking Songs (Video)

Lil Uzi Vert tracked down a hacker who had been leaking his songs and went off on him. Uzi posted it on his Instagram but did take it down, but we got you on the video. Uzi went off the kid, who apparently has a ton of info on a lot of rappers. While this is a serious issue, the video is pretty funny as Uzi commands the hacker to sit up and down while yelling at him. Watch the video above.

Everybody this is a Alil Nerd hiding hacker I found him cause he sold a leak song to somebody IN MY CITY “He Said I hacked your Instagram cause you ain’t answer me when I tried to contact you ? some ole Super Fan shit I Mean Thank you But No Thanks Went threw his phone. Had my shit and a lot of other RAPPERS info. DIS SHIT WAS CRAZY ? Oh Yea He Ratted On The Rest Of Y’all IM COMING FOR YA !!! Oh yea and he be lettin these Lame ass Nobody’s Have All Y’all Verses .
ON YALL TOO?® I Know everybody he did business With. HATERS BE ALL AROUND ?® I Finna be all around too
DONT SEND MUSIC THREW GMAIL GET A DRIVE. @lilintrovert look at his name ?®