Soundcloud Diggin Episode 20 (April 24, 2016)

I immediately heard a Soulection vibe when I stumbled upon Heartstreets new single ‘Cruising With You’ and my instincts were right, as Da-P produced this new cut. This single is a perfect ode to everyone who’s had a summer fling, offering an upbeat rendition of their usual craft layered on top of a meticulously crafted production that blends genres into an amalgam of future sounds. Blissful and futuristic. – malbin

The UK is a hotbed for singers right now and I have stumbled upon yet another great singer. Lippi is this artist’s name and he has a simple reason for making music: “I love making music with a message, something to inspire.” He reportedly wrote this song while sitting in a car for two hours watching the world go by. Featuring a blissful introduction and a lush soundscape for some emotional vocals to sprawl across, this is the type of song that gets you hooked on an artist from the jump. – malbin

Speaking of Soulection vibes and the UK, I’ve got one that brings both of those tags together, into one artist. This is Barney Artist, a British emcee with a really strong new project entitled Painting Sounds. He’s not the strongest emcee but the vibes on this well produced new LP are undeniable. With great help from the likes of Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, Jay Prince and more, this is right up your alley if you like Soulection and British rappers. Essentially, it’s comparable to Jay Prince, who’s also featured on here. – Trixx

This has quickly turned into the UK episode of Soundcloud Diggin, so let’s transition into the soulful, driving vibes of Sam Wills and his new song “So Bright”. This is actually the title track to his forthcoming EP, dropping May 13, so if you like the vibrations of this one, stay tuned for that EP! – Trixx

This song’s been blowing up on Soundcloud and I’ve been holding off until this week’s edition of Soundcloud Diggin to share. Already, DUTCH is following the projection of dvsn. They originally blew up on Soundcloud and their OVO affiliation came to the public later. DUTCH also hails from Toronto but as far as I know, there’ no OVO affiliations to be found, for now that is. Enjoy the really soulful vibes of this new song “No Measure”. – Trixx