Birdman is Developing ’10 to 15′ New Cash Money Artists

Birdman is getting ready to drop his latest solo album Ms. Gladys on June 24th and the new Rich Gang album Rich Gang The Lifestyle 2 on July 1st, but it appears as if that is just the beginning of the new Cash Money roster According to this new interview with XXL, Birdman is developing ’10 to 15′ new artists for the legendary roster.

Some of the artists he mentions are Jacquees, J-Soul, Ralo, Neno Calvin, Caskey, Derez De’Shon, & a group named BBG. Many of those names may be foreign to you if you aren’t up on your stuff aside from Jacquees. He confirms that the Rich Gang project is essentially a compilation album to show off his new talent, so by July 1st we should have a good idea of how this new wave of Cash Money artists are at musically.

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