Akon – Tell Me We’re Ok (Video)

Akon has teamed up with DJ Hardwerk & Shell to create a track and music video called ‘Tell Me We’re Ok.’ If you are unaware, Akon is working on initiatives to help light up Africa. Teaming up with Shell is a great look for the legendary artist and I hope that this collaboration can help his cause.

Watch the video above and download the song here.

The new pitch is the latest initiative from Shell’s #makethefuture programme, which puts bright energy ideas into action to help local communities around the world while inspiring future entrepreneurs to open up access to energy.

The pitch was developed in collaboration with Pavegen, a Shell LIVEWIRE winner. It uses more than 90 underground Pavegen tiles that capture kinetic energy from the footsteps of players which, alongside solar panels, power the floodlights.

Directed by Dada Mills, Akon and DJ Hardwerk’s new music video is truly unique, and follows Akon on a journey to light up lives in Lagos, Africa. Not only does it feature a catchy feel-good beat but also a football pitch powered by footsteps.

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