Iris Temple – Overgrown

Chicago duo Iris Temple, consisting of aura & Quinn Cochran, give us the introduction to their new material with ‘Overgrown.’ While the song starts off very toned down, Quinn turns up the energy on the production throughout the track, especially at the 1:50 mark where you might just fall out of your chair. aura delivers some melancholy sounding bars, propelling a distinct cadence that shows progression and leaves you yearning for more. Besides laying down the silky production, Quinn also hits us with his chilling vocals that remind me of an avant-garde Robin Thicke.

This new camp coming out of Chicago including Iris Temple, Appleby, Elias Abid, and a few others continue to show development. Every release has us craving for more, including ‘Overgrown’. Stream or download ‘Overgrown’ below.


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