Soundcloud Diggin Episode 23 (May 22, 2016)

For the Fashionably-Early staff, it is officially summer. These digs are going to start coming in more frequently and hopefully we can dig out some of your new summer anthems. We may have a few for you below for the 23 episode of Soundcloud Diggin.

I have been itching for new music from former XXL Freshman Donnis and he is finally back. Thanks to Soundcloud, I stumbled upon the song and was mind-blown that it was him. He now goes under the name LaDonnis and his new song ‘Brown Skin’ has a completely different vibe then his previous music. The former ATL native was stationed out in Hawaii for the past few years but it feels like he’s ready to get back in the game. With new material along the lines of ‘Brown Skin’, he will be back on the scene heavy with only a few drops. – malbin

Jez Dior is an artist signed to Steel Wool Records, which was the home for Anderson Paak before his deal with Aftermath. That alone should have your undivided attention on Jez’s new track ‘Forever’ featuring a crafty hook from Elijah Blake. This song has the structure of a typical radio hit but the song does not feel like an average radio attempt. All parties involved with the track helped craft a track that stands out in a saturated market and that’s a big accomplishment. – malbin

Producer singer duos usually craft some of the most personal music that can be found. Rendezvous At Two proves that stereotype to be true with their new track ‘F*ck Me & Feed Me.’ With alluring female vocals, blissful production, and madly relatable lyrics, everything about this track smells like the right formula. Girls will love this because they really just want some good sex and some good food, while men will be taking the proper notes so their next relationship is not a failure. – malbin

mike sb’s ‘oddity’ is an interesting track because I was not necessarily blown away from the song but it is so captivating that I continually got brought back to it. The flow is very serviceable, production is noteworthy, and the overall performance of the track was stellar. Although the subject matter was not ground-breaking, mike shows off that making good music in a crowded space is possible with the right components. – malbin

Before even hearing Taylor Bennett‘s verse, I knew that Mic Torrance had a stellar track on his hands with ‘Chains.’ The track has a reflective vibe to it that features a well performed hook and A+ verses from both parties. It is important to get your priorities in order today so you can succeed tomorrow and ‘Chains’ help you further understand that. – malbin

The second I heard 50 Cent‘s ‘In Da Club’ sampled and interpolated on ‘Birthday’ – I knew that this song was going to be a problem. Singer Stormy English has a big Michael Jackson influence on his voice but he pulls it off well, which is a huge advantage. Above everything, the hook on this track will be stuck in your head for days. I can guarantee that. – malbin