1 Dead After A Shooting At T.I.’s Concert In New York Tonight

We’re receiving tragic news that there was a shooting at T.I.’s concert at Irving Plaza in New York tonight, leaving one dead and three wounded.

A 33-year-old man was killed when shots rang out at about 10:15 PM, while T.I.’s DJ was warming up the crowd for his arrival. Details are still sparse but it was quite the scary scene for sure. Head below to watch a short video that was taken of the scene.

According to Troy Ave’s team, he was one of the people wounded by a bullet wound, as he was shot in the leg.

UPDATE 5/26/16: Troy Ave has reportedly been taken into custody today following the shooting that left him with a bullet wound in the leg and deceased friend. And that bullet wound in the leg Troy Ave suffered, was self-inflicted. Below is very clear surveillance video of Troy Ave shooting his gun inside the venue.

via NY Times

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