There’s A Petition To Have Outkast Perform At Super Bowl 53 In Atlanta

Just a couple days ago the NFL announced the locations for upcoming Super Bowls 52, 53 and 54. The 53rd Super Bowl, or as its often drafted, Super Bowl LIII is to take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Immediately, fans of both rap and sports reacted, finding this a perfect time for Outkast to perform at the Super Bowl. In fact, Outkast already turned down an offer to perform at the biggest event in sports. According to Big Boi, they turned down the opportunity to do the Super Bowl because the duo refused to shorten their songs. This decision was more so made by Andre 3000, as Big Boi pleaded with his artsier partner that they should perform the gig.

There wouldn’t be any better time than for the Atlanta raised duo to put on for their hometown and reunite than in the 2019. If you’d like the sign the burgeoning petition head here.

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