Soundcloud Diggin Episode 24 (May 29, 2016)

Kyle Bent has some serious summer vibes for us on his new cut ‘Vibes.’ Premiering exclusively on our Soundcloud Diggin series, this kid is only 18 years old but appears to have a huge catalog under his belt already. His Soundcloud page is almost 30 songs deep and ‘Vibes’ is an easy standout.

The production has a massive upbeat feel to it and Kyle sounds at home on this track as he transitions between rapping and singing throughout the track. The fact that Kyle is already making this high quality of music at the age of 18 is scary. Very scary. Tack this onto your summertime playlist and enjoy the vibes. – malbin

Freja Kirk has a serious summer anthem on her hands with ‘Rain’ thanks to it’s Neptunes sounding production and her angelic vocals. The track is camouflaged as a love/sex story but is actually a tribute to Planet Earth and Mother Nature. Be sure to take that in while you are spinning this record. The song also features a verse from a rapper named Noah Carter who makes a short but noteworthy appearance. All around, everything about this track is high quality and it should be on repeat for you all summer. It sure as hell will be for me. Be sure to add this to your playlists on all digital platforms. – malbin

Docman has a universally relatable track on his hands with ‘Love Hate Thing.’ Featuring production that sounds like it is straight off Q-Tip‘s hard drive, the New York based artist shares his opinion on the good and bad things about women. The track is beyond catchy and the production keeps bringing me back to the track. It’ll likely be the same for you. – malbin

Throughout Future‘s tracks over the past few years, he has made many references to Doe Boy or Doe B. Doe is a young artist signed to Freebandz who just got out of prison after serving 18 months on an aggravated robbery charge. To celebrate, he dropped off a new track ‘Doe Boy Home’ and this track shows why Doe was picked up by Future and why he had some buzz before he got locked up. It’s time to pay attention folks. – malbin

Andrew Luce is a producer years ahead of his time. Scrolling through his Soundcloud feed, you will see that he doesn’t have another track like his new record ‘Clue’ featuring Rory Fresco, which is his first rap collaboration. With Rory drowned out in autotune for most of the track, he fits in perfectly with the hi-hat driven instrumental. Luce may have started out his career without the help of rappers but ‘Clue’ showcases why we are going to need more rap collaborations in the future. His production is too hard to stand alone. – malbin

Chrxstal has only eight songs on her Soundcloud and her latest release ‘Hearts and Daggers’ is the pinnacle of her collection so far. The talented singer puts some of her vocals over a Medasin beat which helps he absolutely float across the track. The 20 year old LA native is really onto something here and while I hate making comparisons, you will love her if you are fans of SZA, Jhene Aiko, or any of the female artists in that lane. She’s right up their alley. – malbin

You simply cannot get enough good bangers. OYABUN‘s ‘Mona Lisa’ is definitely the hardest dig this week. The airy production allows OYABUN to seamlessly transition from singing to rapping very easily and its done great. The redeeming factor about the track is not the subject matter or lyrical content; it’s all about the charisma, delivery, and production on this one. And that’s perfectly okay. – malbin