Soundcloud Diggin Episode 25 (June 5, 2016)

It’s already June and we’re already on the 25th episode of Soundcloud. God damn. We’re not giving up with providing new digs for people to peep. We got a handful below and you won’t be disappointed.

We got a double dose of an artist named TOBi to kick off episode 25. Even though both ‘iNDECiSiONS’ & ‘Deeper’ were produced by Nate Smith, each track have a completely different vibe to it. The former has a reflective, introspective vibe to it while the latter has a more uplifting vibe to it on the production. TOBi himself always feels like he has some pain to get off his chest and that translate very well with his music. – malbin

Talk about an amazing genre-meshing anthem dedicated to black women. Artist/producer visionnaire has an absolutely stunning track on his hands with ‘her aura loud.’ The record blends hip-hop, r&b, pop, house and future bass to paint a vibrant, rhythmic tribute to black women everywhere. Fans of Soulection and their artists will absolutely LOVE this sound. You’ll also be interested in knowing that visionnaire is handling everything himself, which makes you appreciate this track even more.

From doing more digging, it appears if visionnaire is hiding his identity and using their moniker as a concept of expression. It’s an interesting concept and something to follow for the upcoming months. – malbin

Short and sweet is the best way to describe ‘Ness’ by MIKNNA. The song is not even 2:30 long but everything that needs to get transferred to our ears is there. The production that is made up of retro synths and pulsating 808’s that are captivating while the haunting vocals on the track are matched with ridiculously catchy melodies. With only one Soundcloud track available, the follow button is a must to catch up on all the future content from MIKNNA. – malbin

‘Let Go’ sounds like everything I love about modern music. The mix between electronic production and soulful vocals are unmatched. ‘Let Go’ is a duet between Bel-Ami & Michele Thibeaux that fuses elements of soul and electronica to create a bass driven spaced out lullaby. The song is all about focusing on love over fear. Let go of the fear and watch your life change. – malbin

This one’s different from the typical sound we cover but this song from Bad Wave sounds straight out of a soundtrack to FIFA. The two man band has the indie pop sound down to a T, with the execution scoring them a perfect score according the group of East German judges I just asked. – Trixx

What really drew me to this artist right here was his pristine voice. The beat’s a little typical, something that we hear often in the Soundcloud era of bedroom musicians but R.LUM.R (I have no clue how to enunciate that) has such a great voice and natural affinity to flow. This smooth song of his “Frustrated” is addicting and powerful. It’s something you definitely need to listen too. – Trixx

We have to show love one time to KTT. Lil Sremm comes through clean with ‘Ok Dis Hard.’ The track features production with a nursery rhyme sample and ridiculously catchy ad-libs. The song is a little rough around the edges but there are many artists that are getting major buzz that sound much rougher. ‘Ok Dis Hard’ is hard as bricks. Straight facts. – malbin