Soundcloud Diggin Episode 26 (June 12, 2016)

Chicago native Ohana Bam teamed up with Alex Wiley for this new track ‘Bounce’ which found it’s way down our Soundcloud stream and the track stood out. The energy on this track is infectious and offers some witty bars from both parties. It’s a fun listen and you can’t complain about those. – malbin

I was initially brought into Midnight‘s track based off the feature from The Internet alone but after getting through ‘Native America’ without hearing a single vocal from Syd, I was still feeling amazing. The song has the amazing sound from the Odd Future collective but Midnight showcases that he’s a unique vocalist himself, pouring out emotional lyrics over blissfully played chords. It’s hard to believe that somebody would not be captivated by this track. For the record, I’m typing this up at just about midnight. – malbin

If you are looking for some rap with some serious ambient production (for a majority of the track), look no further than Just Matthew‘s ‘Beverly Hills.’ Absolutely floating over some showing steal production, Matthew delivers a great summer time track for any type of audience. There are some vocals throughout the track that are the structured to give the track some extra depth. You may get some Kendrick vibes on some parts of the verses but ‘Beverly Hills’ can surely stand in it’s own lane. – malbin

We’ve featured Alexander Lewis around these parts before. His production style fuses elements of hip hop, electronic, EDM and usually some other abstract influences as well and today he’s helping out Sober Rob. Rob began as a viola player and he even attended The Berklee School of Music for it but he’s used that background as a major influence on his production, which can be found on this new tune “EMP”. – Trixx

Fabian Secon is a 19-year-old singer hailing from London and what he has right off the bat is a lot of talent. He’s got a great voice and he flows it very well on this song of his “No Games”. This is the chill, smooth vibe that your Sunday afternoon needs while you recover from the last two days. – Trixx

Last but not least we head back over the Atlantic ocean and make our way to Canada to meet Tosa. “Whatever Happens Pt. 2” is a new loosie but its a step in the right direction for the aspiring emcee as he gets some help from our man Hadji on the guest raps as well. – Trixx