RGF Productions – RGF Island Vol 1 (Album Stream)

RGF Productions is the home of Fetty Wap and the production company releases their first compilation album RGF Island Vol 1.

The 17 song album is set to introduce the world to plenty of new artists including Khaos, Guwii Kidz, Tapia, 2G’z, 4Ktay, M-80, House Party, Inas X, B’iousha, Fame, Huncho, Guwii Mitch, Oskama, Guwii 23, Jugg Man, & even more artists. There are seven contributions from Fetty Wap and three from Monty across the project, so there will be a little bit of familiarity.

Just based on what RGF brought to the world with Fetty, be sure to give this at least one listen. There might be a new star on the album. Stream or download RGF Island Vol 1 below.

DOWNLOAD: RGF Productions – RGF Island Vol 1 (Album Stream)

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