Soundcloud Diggin Episode 27 (June 19, 2016)

LeBron just won a championship and we are definitely celebrating hard tonight. Here are some recent digs for you guys to enjoy.

Tess is a tremendously talented singer from La Réunion, an island off the east coast of Africa. She has teamed up with French-based label Choke Industry to release music and her new single ‘Love Gun’ is a show stealer. Tess is able to standout on the track with her distinct vocals which draw you in with every syllable. When an artist is vocally strong, it is imperative you keep your eyes on them. That’s exactly what we’re going to do with Tess. – malbin

In case you somehow didn’t see the video of Maggie Rogers making Pharrell tear up, watch that here at the 20:30 mark. P held a masterclass for music students at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and he was completely blown away by Maggie Rogers’ track ‘Alaska.’ The song was never publicly released until this week, where I stumbled upon it on my Soundcloud feed and put two and two together. This is such a special song and there is no way to deny it. It almost leaves you speechless with every listen. – malbin

LIANA BANK$ has been raising her profile after each release and her latest release ‘Off’ might be her best release yet. The track is a slow burner – with steamy/heady production from YOBO matched with Bank$’ unmistakable raspy vocals. Mix all that with some great engineering and you have a great track. One aspect of most great artists is that you know their voice immediately and the same can be said about LIANA. – malbin

Chris Stylez has a Soundcloud full of gems and his latest release ‘LIA’ might be his best track yet. You can feel the frustration ooze out of his vocals as they spew over some alt-contemporary production. In an age where mediocre singers are filling up space, you’ll be glad to know that Chris is not one of them. – malbin

Kanayo King only has one track up on his Soundcloud page but the track is undeniably catchy. The hook on this track is infectious and the best part about the hook is the unique performance of the track. While Kanayo’s performance sounds influenced by the modern trap scene, he gives it his own edge to stand out. That’s how you succeed in today’s popular music. – malbin