PREMIERE: The Experience – Playa

Succeeding in music is about more than just releasing music as you please, there’s a lot of strategy to this stuff. There’s a lot of artists that share everything they make, beginning with their first attempt at a rap song with background provided by an awful, self-produced FL Studio beat. However, this new find right here’s got a plan to steal your ears right from the pull of the trigger. This here is the first song this man’s ever releasing to the world and it’s on his birthday!

The Experience is a rapper and singer from our nation’s capital city and he’s definitely following in the footsteps of another emcee from the area. The rapper I’m alluding to is GoldLink, who in a way majorly pioneered a new bouncy sound of rap tunes. The Experience definitely took some notes and learned how to flow effortlessly over some similar production. He’s got the knack to drop some fast paced bars and also flexed on this song is his singing prowess and his talent when it comes to melody. This song’s truly got it all.

This song’s about a girl, the most used topic in the history of music but it’s quite the fun, vibrant type of track to ride around the city listening to or the type of joint to bump on your way down to the beach. Give “Playa” a spin down below, I highly, highly recommend it.

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