Soundcloud Diggin Episode 28 (June 26, 2016)

We’re closing out June with the 28th episode of Soundcloud Diggin. Dig into these digs below.

Although I didn’t quite realize it at first, I was already familiar with Sam Trump. The familiarity stems from band he’s a member of Sidewalk Chalk. I remember stumbling upon them around the time when I was in love with Kids These Days and just like them, Sidewalk Chalk was from Chicago and were a rap/jazz/many other influences band. Sam Trump plays trumpet for them but apart from the band, he’s quite the vocalist as well. That’s put on display on this song of his “Count On Me”, produced by Calvin Valentine. – Trixx

While we are quite familiar with Rochelle Jordan, we were introduced to a fantastic producer named Jimmy Edgar with this new track ‘Dreamz Come True.’

The track on the production tip is a combination of house and R&B, as both sounds come and go throughout the track. While this track is fantastic on its own, it makes me crave for new music from Rochelle. WE NEED IT. – malbin

Genesyx is an interesting artist out of Bakersfield who just released his debut EP AdoreMe and the highlight from that EP is ‘Purple Glass.’ Featuring some familiar chop and screwed vocals as well as ad-libs throughout the track, the track does not necessarily boost a very unique sound. That’s okay – because the performance and charisma really carries the track. – malbin

I wanted to post this song before even hearing the song just based off the artwork and artist name. Cryface Jordan may seem like a meme but they are far from that with their music. On their new track ‘Robots,’ the group matches their layered, filter drowned vocals in an electronic soundscape worth listening to on repeat. I think even robots may love this song. – malbin

Milo Tain drops off a very relaxing new single ‘In The Sky.’ The song was self produced, performed, and written and it sounds like a spectacular late night coffee-house type song. The saxophone on this track really brings out the greatness of the track. The soft vocals are waiting to be sampled by a talented MC. – malbin