Wednesday, December 1, 2021

First 48: Lessons in New English

Welcome back to The First 48. What’s the First 48? It is simply the first 48 thoughts that come to mind when listening to an album or mixtape for the first time. Consider it not quite a full review but more so a preview/quick summary piece. Just something light to give you an idea of whether or not you want to take that dive and give a project a chance.

Well look who’s on tap for The First 48 treatment this time, G.O.O.D. Music’s newest acquisition Desiigner. For many, myself included, this will be the first time hearing more than one song from him. We all know that he’s responsible for that song that wasn’t actually about a panda, that sounds like some Atlanta rapper did it, that Ye took and turned into a massive hit by sampling it. Thanks Ye. We appreciate it. Nonetheless, New English is Desiigner’s debut tape and hopefully proof that he isn’t just a one hit wonder. Let’s get down to business and press play.

  • Only two listed features on this tape? Don’t know how to feel about that.
  • Clocking in at 13 tracks. I’m not counting “Panda”. We’ve had enough of “Panda”.
  • Ok then 30 seconds of classical sounding music. Great start to things.
  • Soon as he opened his mouth on “Caliber” I heard Future. Please don’t be a theme.
  • I need subtitles for this *opens up Genius app*.
  • Wow “Caliber” was quick. That beat was amazing tho.
  • All I could make out from that was him saying “Caliber caliber caliber.” And something about deep throating your girls mouth. Less vocal effects next time.
  • “Make It Out” is a lot easier to understand compared to “Caliber”.
  • The production out shined him on this track. May have been done by design?
  • Desiigner is clearly someone influenced by the trap heavy sound of the south.
  • Four tracks in and this sounds like a tape full of beats meant for Gucci.
  • “Monstas & Villians” is pure fire. 38 seconds of pure fire.
  • I need an extended version of that. Right now.
  • There’s a random 20 second interlude for no apparent reason.
  • It literally was just a shorter version of the intro basically.
  • “Talk Regardless” is Desiigner telling his haters to keep on talking.
  • And I think I will keep on talking cause this ain’t a good debut so far.
  • Can’t deny his ability to make a catchy hook tho.
  • Say a line. Repeat the line. Repeat the prior two steps. That’s how Desiigner makes his hooks.
  • “I make them dead niggas roll wit me” So exactly how do you do that sir?
  • “You a bitch, bitch. Fucked your bitch, bitch.” – the leading cause of fights among men.
  • Hey look another interlude of music being played.
  • These interludes are actually perfectly placed tho.
  • 10 tracks in and we get a song that goes past 3 minutes.
  • Did we really need almost 7 minutes of Desiigner talking about who he’s gonna shoot today.
  • Oh wait he talked about who he’s gonna fuck today too.
  • There’s a non credited feature on “Da Day”.
  • Nobody thought that they should split “Da Day” into two tracks?
  • Literally the second half of this song is a complete 180 from the first part.
  • Yea he sounds JUST like Future on “Jet”.
  • “That’s my Becky with the good hair. Say King Push done went left on em.”
  • Most of that verse seemed like a throwaway verse on Pusha’s half but is still a gem of a verse.
  • Speaking of throwaway verses
  • “All designers not a problem. Ask Desiigner I signed him”
  • Well we can’t blame Ye completely for Desiigner being a household name.
  • Yes, we can. It’s always Ye fault.
  • “Overnight” is perfect. This is what he needs to do more of.
  • We need more introspective style tracks from him that can still get radio and club play.
  • He gets points for using Three 6 Mafia’s “Yeah Hoe” adlib on “Zombie Walk”
  • I said I was gonna acknowledge “Panda”. I lied. The track stills goes.
  • Am I the only person who thinks that when the beat is slowly building at the start having Ye come in and say “wait a damn minute” would be perfection?
  • The production on this tape is dope for the most part.
  • The problem is it often outshines Desiigner and makes him appear to be a southern artist. He’s from New York.
  • He really does sound like Future a lot of the times. Luckily he avoids it mostly on this project.
  • One thing that definitely saves this tape from being completely horrible is the sequencing.
  • For a debut tape for a 19-year-old who came out of nowhere this is hope that he can grow and create his own lane and not one next to Future.
  • Ye needs to lock him in a studio and make him create more records like “Panda”, “Monstas & Villians”, and “Overnight”.
  • I see why he called it New English. He spoke an English most couldn’t understand.


There we go, The First 48 on G.O.O.D. Music’s newest hook writer, I meant signee. The kid showed some promise but has a long way to go if he actually wants to be taken as an individual and not an east coast knockoff of Future.


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