Review: Maxwell blackSUMMERS’night

In life, seven years is not really that long of time depending on your perspective. In music seven years is a lifetime and an infinity. In seven years even the most established artists can be forgotten. New stars can be created in those same seven years. Let us not forget the number of one hit wonders we can and have had in the past seven years. So roughly around this time seven years ago Maxwell dropped the first of what he promised were three albums to follow in rapid succession in the form of BLACKsummers’night. Well here we are seven years later and we get part two in the form of blackSUMMERS’night.

Outside of the confusing album title, this album is Maxwell doing what Maxwell does. Whether it’s him taping into the sound of those old 70’s soul records that a lot of us on the opener “All The Way Love Can Feel” to Maxwell taking it back to the sound of his debut album on the lead single “Lake By The Ocean” it’s clear that in those seven years since we last got an album from Maxwell that he hasn’t lost his touch.

It would be easy for Maxwell to enlist the heavyweights in this current landscape of R&B. Instead Maxwell decided to stay true to himself. Maxwell decided to expand on his vast catalog of classic albums and songs. He decided to stay true to himself. He decided to create an album that is a breath of fresh air in this climate. He decided to channel Prince on “Fingers Crossed”. He decided to give us another entry to our baby making music playlist. Simply put – Maxwell decided to do what he does better than most and for that we have to thank him. Hopefully, next time we won’t have to wait seven years for him to do what he does so well again.

DeLa’s Final Thoughts

A very solid and classic Maxwell album. Not quite as strong as the first one but still one of the best R&B albums of recent memories.

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