PREMIERE: Ravyn Lenae – Free Room (Ft. Appleby) (Video) + Moon Shoes (EP Stream)

Ravyn Lenae graciously allows us to premiere her new music video for ‘Free Room’ featuring Appleby along with the stream of her re-released Moon Shoes EP.

‘Free Room’ was an easy favorite from the original Moon Shoes release. The up-tempo production from Monte Booker along with Ravyn’s show-stealing performance makes this joint hard not to love. This is the type of song you hear at a cafe and instantly pull out your phone to Shazam it. The music video flutters through scenes of Ravyn in the middle of a party, in the back of a cab, and in an intimate setting with featured artist Appleby.

The EP now features two additional tracks that will surely freshen up the EP for previous fans along with giving new listeners more material to dive into.

Watch the music video and stream the EP below. At only 17 years old, Ravyn has a long road ahead of her and it is imperative you get behind her right now before the hype train takes off.

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