Soundcloud Diggin Episode 32 (July 31, 2016)

Elijah Noll is a Chicago based singer who has a new single ‘Delusional’ out. Produced by Fashionably-Early favorite Elias Abid, the song features lush production and burgeoning, filtered vocals that will really stick with you. The track is a constant reminder that we are living in a system that wants to distract us from reality. Pay attention, people. – malbin

Ric Wilson is a Chicago artist that I have been familiar with through the blogsphere and being around the Chicago music industry. Admittedly – I never thoroughly checked out his solo music but I cannot turn off his new single ‘Soul Bounce.’ The track features a fantastic piano performance and nostalgic bass hits. The track – which presumably will be the title track from his new EP Soul Bounce – really feels like the beginning of a new genre of the same name. Hearing this sound developed and polished in the future has me beyond excited. – malbin

It’s an amicable sound and a sound that a new generation of artists flock toward but there’s a threshold. There’s still only a select few that can attain a high level of this new wave of autotune drenched, rap/R&B. ESO.XO doesn’t come from a hotbed of the sound, as he hails from the outward hipster paradise known as Portland, but he’s got the sound pinned down nicely. Having worked with familiar names like Stwo and Stewart Villain already, he’s been able to craft a nice sound with is prevalent on his latest tune “LIT”. – Trixx

Rob Scott has an impressive, introspective track on his hands with ‘Days Before.’ Self-produced along with K-Quick, who works with the Dreamville camp, Rob describes the track as “when inner struggle and personal discovery collide with world issues and social awareness, we think back to days before.” – malbin

Jim Caesar is currently in the middle of his Nostalgic Freshness series and his new single ‘Soul Purpose’ sounds like mid-2000s production from The Neptunes and the vocals will leave you humming along instantly. You won’t be blown away by the singing on here but everything about this tracks makes things feel like it was 2005 again. – malbin

– malbin