Frank Ocean’s Website Is Streaming A Video From Apple Music

We’re all helplessly hoping and fawning for new music from Frank Ocean. Scratch that, we’re all pining for NEWS from Frank Ocean. We’re all in the dark but over at, there’s a video streaming. Now don’t overreact because I haven’t, but there’s not much going on in this here video, at least not yet.

The stream comes from Apple Music, which is a welcome sign but for the most part, the static camera has us a looking at a black and white workspace of some sort, with a shadow figure (who we presume is Frank Ocean) doing something in that workspace. What he’s doing we can’t seem to tell because the camera keeps its distance but it’s something folks!

As most are doing, feel free to let the video play in the background with the sound so if anything does happen, you should catch it.

And the video may not display on Google Chrome browsers.


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