Sonder (Brent Faiyaz, Dpat & Atu) – Victoria (EP Stream)

I was riding in the car today and I happened to pull up Dpat’s Soundcloud. I was in the Soulection mood and I was greeted by the great surprise of Sonder. Well, I knew that Sonder, the group of singer Brent Faiyaz and producers Dpat and Atu was a thing but I didn’t know they had their EP out! The debut EP from them Victoria is a vivid experience, as it’s one, 11 minute track. They didn’t separate each song, thus the entire thing flows supremely. The first track remixes Brent’s song “Invite Me” but from there on, there’s a lot of instrumental heavy production, with Brent Faiyaz and guest singer Lyves more so playing the background to the vibes.

This little extended play is only a precursor to the work the newly formed group has coming in the future!

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