Soundcloud Diggin Episode 33 (August 7, 2016)

We’re starting this week’s series with a short three song EP. Chicago’s banksthegenius has been making rounds around the city as an engineer and producer but he has his own solo EP Don’t Tweak out now. The bass throughout the three tracks are heavy and the atmosphere is very hazy throughout. This EP helps round off Banks’ released solo material and gives him a stepping stone to the next phase in his career. – malbin

I still get filled up with such genuine happiness when I come across an absolute hidden gem on Soundcloud and I’ve got one here with this track. Lotso is a tri-state area producer and he’s still quite new, with only a few different remixes and instrumentals to pick at from his Soundcloud. What really caught my ear was his collaboration with fellow New Yorker Olukara, who’s been featured around these parts. They meshed well but the beat is still what stood out the most. It’s an attention grabbing, exotic sample that gets chopped into a magnificent beat with great bounce and 808s. I’ve sincerely been playing this track numerous times over the past few days and I’m sure that you will too once you hear it. Definitely be on the lookout for both Lotso and Olukara in the future. – Trixx

Luvian Sound has a blissful new record titled ‘No One (But You)’ featuring a talented vocalist named Kyra. The track is a grooving, bubbling cut that features atmospheric moments of rise and suspense. The sounds on here are memorizing and really provoke some intense emotions. It is easy to say that this song will be getting spins for years to come. – malbin

DUCKWRTH is really starting to get some buzz after he finished opening for Anderson .Paak on his new tour. He follows that up with ‘Lowrider’ – a groovy, horn filled track that is dying for a remix featuring .Paak himself. The track has a sunny vibe to it and meshes together a ton of elements that somehow work together – although they feel like they shouldn’t. Lets mark DUCKWRTH down as another alt-hip-hop artist to watch for the rest of the year.

Seattle’s Tay Will has a Soundcloud full of nice tracks but his latest drop ‘New Edition’ featuring Tory Lanez is the track that will get people intrigued. The track isn’t going to blow your mind but Tory has a great hook and Tay handles the verses very well. This might become a regional hit in the North West but it definitely has potential to spread nationwide. – malbin