Chance The Rapper Covers Billboard Magazine

chance the rapper billboard

Chance The Rapper covers Billboard Magazine’s new issue which covers the new pioneers in the music industry. In the lengthy cover story, topics like releasing his music for free, the Magnificent Coloring Day, past projects, and many other things are discussed. There are also some very interesting stats from Billboard on Chance’s streaming numbers. Billboard predicts Chance has made 2.13M from streams so far from Coloring Book. That’s not bad – AT ALL.

Read some highlights below and check the full interview here.

chance stats

On his music being “free:”

“It’s not about the music being free. It’s about how it is displayed and made accessible and about artistic power,” explains Chance. “It was always about the artist-to-fan relationship.”

On the Magnificent Coloring Day selling out U.S. Cellular Field.

“It’s bigger than me f—ing with the Sox and bigger than me being a rapper,” says Chance of organizing the festival, noting that it will create jobs and attract tourist dollars. And, he says, “I think the city needs some happy moments.”