Kid Cudi Disses Jhene Aiko Over Divorce?

There’s a lot going on so let me give you all the pop culture rundown.

What started it all off was the officially announcement that Jhene Aiko and her husband Dot Da Genius would be getting divorced. A lot of us saw this coming since she’s been flaunting around with Big Sean A LOT. They made a very sensual EP together with a very sexual music video but aside from their “work” they had been seen in public together acting very flirtatiously towards each other, like a couple would.

Dot Da Genius is also in the music business and most of his notoriety stems from his work with Kid Cudi who also happens be one of his best friends. When the two got married, Cudi tweeted this, like a good father would do when sending their daughter into marriage:

Now as the people of the internet behind the safety of their respective screens, they like to stir the pot. A lot of people brought this 2014 tweet to light following the news and it did induce a response from Kid Cudi.

Notice how he threw in “corn ball ass niggas”, meaning that he threw Big Sean into this debacle as well, throwing shade at his G.O.O.D. Music mate. The saga continues as just minutes ago Jhene put her Twitter fingers to work.