According to Lyor Cohen, Young Thug’s New Stage Name is ‘No My Name Is Jeffrey’

Jeffrey is the birth name of Young Thug. It’s the name his mama gave him and its also the name of his forthcoming project, which drops on his birthday August 16th (2 days from now). As hard as it is to believe, founder of 300 Records and industry protector of Young Thug went on the Rap Radar podcast and seriously insisted that Thug had changed his stage name to No My Name Is Jeffrey.

But why is a joke made on a podcast news? Well this truly doesn’t seem to be a joke. What Lyor has up his sleeves here isn’t too clear but there’s surely some type of gimmick headed our way with Jeffrey. Perhaps this is a just name phase to go along with the project and something to get people talking. Listen to the clip from the podcast below and be on the lookout for Jeffrey this Tuesday.

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