Tory Lanez – I Told You (Album Stream)

Tory Lanez I Told You

It has been a long time coming but Tory Lanez has finally released his debut album. I Told You is now available for download and streaming on all services.

Led by the breakout single ‘Say It’ and the current smash ‘Luv’ – a remake of Tanto Metro’s dancehall classic, “Everyone Falls in Love” – the album is featureless and is quite lengthy. Featuring a number of skits, the album clocks in at an hour and eighteen minutes long. On streaming services, the skits are broken apart, making the album 28 songs deep. That could play a big role in streaming, as any song over 30 seconds should count as a stream. With 26 of 28 tracks being over 30 seconds, Tory’s first week numbers could get a huge boost form this.

The album flutters through Tory’s various styles – from aggressive rattlers like the album’s intro ‘I Told You/Another One’ to potential pop smashes in ‘Cold Hard Love,’ ‘All The Girls’ & ‘Gun And Roses’ to hazy, Cruel Intentions-esque bangers ‘Flex,’ ‘Dirty Money,’ ‘To D.R.E.A.M.’ & ‘4 A.M. Flex.’ Long time fans of Tory will be delighted to hear Tory flutter through his career to date while in his artistic peak while new fans will gain an understanding of how Tory got to his current position.

I’ve been a fan of Tory before Fashionably-Early came into existence. Since our beginning in 2011, we’ve made over 210 posts (including this one) about Tory’s career on the website. We’re happy to say we’ve been on board since the jump and we’re extremely happy for Tory’s success.

Stream or download Tory Lanez‘s debut album I Told You below.

DOWNLOAD: Tory Lanez I Told You

1. I Told You/Another One
2. Guns and Roses
3. Flex
4. To D.R.E.A.M
5. 4am Flex
6. Friends With Benefits
7. Cold Hard Love
8. High
9. Dirty Money
10. Question Is
11. Loners Blvd
12. All The Girls
13. Say It
14. Luv