Bari – Jetpakk

Straight out of St. Louis we have Bari who you may recognize from his work with Smino. Bari always stuck out to me because of one line; on Smino’s “Ballet” he recites in his verse “read and react like i’m Marcus Trufant” and that line always sticks with me. I love obscure sports references and he had me on that one.

Bari‘s voice reminds me a bit of Cousin Stizz‘s, if Cousin Stizz grew up in the country and had a twang to his voice but flow wise, Bari’s pace is faster. He has to keep up with the pace of Monte Booker‘s intergalactic beat here on his first major single “Jetpakk”. Strap up and let’s take a trip to the clouds real quick.

It’s also the man’s birthday so what a better time to release some music? Wish him a happy birthday and enjoy the tunes.

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