Soundcloud Diggin Episode 35 (August 28, 2016)

Thane is a Milwaukee based producer who has a wildly distinct sound. He creates music with atmospheric R&B, jazz, and funk elements mixed with electronic roots. For this eclectic track ‘Gravity’ – Thane linked up with Memphis based singer Jay Stones. The soulful vocals puncture the production on here in the best way possible. The production gives off some heavy Masego vibes, which is one hell of a compliment. – malbin

I’m usually not too big on tracks without vocals on them but we have a major exception here. Flamingosis has an absolute heat rock on his hands with ‘Bright Moments.’ The tracks pays tribute to vintage funk disco and has so many majestic elements throughout the track. You’ll definitely catch a vibe after pressing play on the track above. – malbin

Thanks to a remix by Soulection producer Jarreau Vandal, I now have a new vocalist on my radar. Jones is a London based pop artist who is making refreshing, organic sounding music and her breakout single ‘Indulge’ got a makeover from Jarreau. This track isn’t R&B but it isn’t cookie-cutter pop like I mentioned above. Let’s just call this pop soul. – malbin

We’re headed out to Denmark for this one. Danish producer Sekuoia teams up vocalist Marc Roland for his scintillating new single ‘Brace.’ The production features some refreshing synths matched with a pop sounding hook that is perfect for that late night city drive. The track is so interesting because the production could stand out by itself, while the vocals feel like they could stand out over an acoustic guitar. An interesting combination that worked out great. – malbin