Soundcloud Diggin Episode 36 (September 4, 2016)

Producer VenessaMichaels grabs vocalist Leven Kali for a majestic new track ‘Do U Feel.’ The song has a super nostalgic feel without feeling outdated. The melodies on here are ridiculously catchy and this is a great track to keep on repeat to end the summer. – malbin

Sweden based producer Ghassemi released his debut single this week with ‘Saturate.’ The luminescent, modern day disco track features beautifully chilling vocals from London based singer River. This will certainly be a staple on any late night driving playlist. Relaxing, clean, and the future. – malbin

I literally have no other information on Emarr other than he is based out of Harlem, New York and that he has a tremendous track in ‘Summer Solstice.’ The synth-heavy track was produced by Lotus and has a very unique vocal performance on the track. All-around, the energy on this track is really what separates this from many other artists trying to make this type of music. – malbin

Duzzo Dave‘s a name I know I’ve seen around but it wasn’t until just this week that I hit play on the Connecticut emcee’s music and I’m sure glad I did. He’s got a unique, fairly high-pitched rap voice with a superb flow that works real nicely on this new doubled headed dragon joint “GUAP GON PICK UP // SO WHAT”. The song’s produced by familiar name Decap who helps take us on quite a journey. Take a listen to the track above. – Trixx