Iris Temple – Duality (EP)

Chicago duo Iris Temple – consisting of aura & Quinn Cochran – have released their new EP Duality. Led by previously released singles ‘Ferns’ & ‘Overgrown’ – the five track EP features lush production and distinct deliveries.

Stream or download the EP below and also check out an interview from the duo thanks to These Days.

How would you describe Duality to a stranger on the street?

In our minds Duality is a journey. It’s a story about departing, and then arriving…but not knowing exactly what to do once you have arrived…or what it was that you actually set out to do in the first place. Duality is an Odyssey that explores all of our musical influences while we attempt to create a new sonic environment.

How long has this EP been in the works?

So fucking long.

What’s the origin behind the title?

As humans we tend to conceptualize things in terms of opposites. In this project we wanted to explore the point at which these contrasting sides meet. Specifically, the prevalent idea in mind while we worked was the combination of the artificial and natural. Not only in production, but in the subject matter as well.

The hallucinatory/dreamy writing here is worth noting. What’s the writing process like for both of you?

Aura: I don’t know that I could pin down a process for my writing yet. Sometimes I’ll write a verse in two seconds, like it’s been marinating for ages. But other times I’m completely stumped. Then, I’ll be buggin’ out at 4 a.m. because I’ve figured out exactly what I want to write about.

Quinn: I write very subconsciously so I usually make sure to listen to the instruments very intently. Then I’ll figure out patterns that I like and try to let words fall into place. The meaning is typically something I figure out later in my writing. But it’s always influenced by the production and Aura’s writing.

Did either of you do creative writing/journaling prior to Iris Temple?

Aura: I’d say sparsely. I wrote stories all the time when I was in elementary school, but I didn’t really latch on to writing as a craft until IT formed.

Quinn: Growing up I’ve always written songs in one way or another.

The EP has a bit of a conceptual background. Care to explain/expand?

For us it’s a chronology of events that detail a seemingly pointless journey. It embraces the uncertainty that comes with any goal. Past that it’s up for interpretation.

What’s next for Iris Temple?

We’re just gonna keep making music.

Any final words/thoughts/wisdom/shout-outs?

Shoutout the homies. Y’all know who you are. Thanks to Bryan Schwaller for taking our music to new heights. Thanks to Elias Abid for making our visual for “Philosopher” and for helping us refine our edges. Thanks to neonpajamas for supporting since the beginning.

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