Desiigner Arrested on Felony Drugs & Guns Charges

Last night in New York, Desiigner was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell, criminal possession of a loaded weapon and menacing. All of these charges are felony charges in New York.

Reportedly, Desiigner & his crew got into a verbal argument with another person in a car and Desiigner pointed a gun at driver of the other car. The car left but called the police and provided a license plate number. The police eventually found the SUV, which contained guns and many pills.

After hearing the news about Bobby Shmurda, we really hope Desiigner doesn’t end up down the same road as him. These charges are no joke and could really end his career. We’ll keep you posted on more details.

EDIT: Desiigner was released today and his gun charges were dropped. Police did not find a gun in the car despite the other driver’s claim. They did find a ton of pills and even anabolic steroids. Desiigner was in good spirits leaving though, as you can see below.