Metro Boomin Is Throwing A ‘Young Metro Don’t Trust Trump’ Concert In NYC

Elections are around the corner and the race is really about to heat up once the first presidential debate is held on September 26th. If I had to pick one choice word to describe this race thus far, it’d be “sh*tshow”. Neither candidate is overly appealing to a lot of voters, including myself but it’s like choosing between a douche and a turd or the better of two evils.

A few days before election day, on November 8th, Metro Boomin will be having a show in New York at the Playstation Theater. Sure, the show is sort of an anti-Trump function but it’s for a greater cause than just that. Metro will be donating the proceeds to a yearly scholarship fund that sends graduating seniors from the St. Louis area to Morehouse College.

Signup for Metro Boomin‘s mailing list here for access to the tickets on Thursday at 10AM EST. If not, the tickets go on sale Friday at 10AM EST.

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