Ty Dolla Sign – CAMPAIGN (Album Stream)

ty dolla sign campaign

Ty Dolla Sign‘s new project CAMPAIGN is now available for streaming and download. The project is 16 tracks deep with features from Future, Migos, Travis Scott, Meek Mill, 24hrs, Wiz Khalifa, & Trey Songz.

Stream or download CAMPAIGN below. Also check out an excerpt of an interview with FADER about why Ty is releasing this on retail platforms.


Campaign is going to be a for-pay project, and your second for-pay project in less than a year’s time. A couple years back, you were releasing at a similar pace, but your projects were free mixtapes. With the proliferation of streaming platforms, and platform exclusives, is there anything about the concept of a free release, or a mixtape, that you still find compelling?
I think the concept of a mixtape has definitely changed. Since it’s all streaming now, I might as well get my [paid] streams. We’re streaming my mixtape, so let’s just put it out on all the platforms: Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify. All those. You’re going to hear it for free anyway, but now it’s just going to count for the streams. If you’re a real one, then you’ll actually buy it, and I’ll appreciate that too.
There used to be a sense that artists were able to be looser or more true to themselves on free releases, and performed differently when making an album for a label.
I might have thought like that before. But now, once a song comes out, it’s out forever. You can’t get it back. So you might as well give them all your best! I don’t want bullshit from the Dolla $ign floating around. So we came with it for this Campaign. I didn’t get the big ass orchestra, but there’s definitely violins. It’s still Ty Dolla $ign.

1. $Intro
2. $
3. Campaign’ (Feat. Future)
4. $$$ (Where) [Ft. Migos]
5. 3 Wayz (Ft. Travis Scott)
6. Juice
7. Zaddy
8. Hello
9. R&B
10. Stealing
11. Clean
12. My Song (Ft. 24hrs)
13. Pu$$y (Ft. Trey Songz & Wiz Khalifa)
14. No Justice (Feat. Big TC)
15. Watching (Ft. Meek Mill)
16. Campaign (Feat. Future) (Charlie Heat Remix)