Soundcloud Diggin Episode 38 (September 25, 2016)

We had a busy week last week, so we had to take a break. With that said, we have an absolutely PACKED lineup for this week’s Soundcloud Diggin episode.

Elysse just released her debut single ‘Eve’ and the track should have you captivated for more material in the future. The excellent track is just oozing with soul and will surely hit yours the second you hit play. Off this song alone, we’re without a doubt 100% supporting Elysse and her future releases here at Fashionably-Early. – malbin

The duo Audego seem to have a great little style on their hands and their latest track ‘I Don’t Need You’ is another showing of that. The downtempo track has some great energy in it and the vocalist of the duo really steals the show with her performance. ‘I Don’t Need You’ sounds like a track you can play anytime of the year. That’s a major key. – malbin

Soundcloud is filled with a lot of trash hip-hop music nowadays, so it is refreshing that to find a new dope artist on there. Sliim Bambino does not have too much information out about him but I do know that his new track ‘ROACHES’ is a slapper. Featuring a unique delivery and an eclectic, hard hitting beat – Sliim really steals the show on this joint. Imagine hearing this live… WHEW! – malbin

We have an entire album here for you guys on this episode. Trinkaus, Eriksson, and Kwid joined forces in 2015 to progress the sound of the current synthwave/retro/’80s scene. Combining synthwave sounds infused with elements of jazz fusion, ’80s library, and modern Shibuya-kei, they created a sophisticated blend of rich harmonic heavily melodic music that pairs well with a chilled glass of Dom Perignon. TEK – Volume 1 was created using synthesizers manufactured in Japan in the 1980s and this obviously has some serious nostalgia on it. Similar to FM-84‘s Atlas earlier this year, I had no idea that I would like this. Is synthwave becoming one of my new favorite genres? Maybe. – malbin

Chicago artist Meech has a bouncy, energetic track on his hands with ‘Tango.’ With some buzz apparent from his Soundcloud page, I’ll tack Meech as yet another artist onto my radar from Chicago. Talent is just coming from all angles of the city. – malbin

Amsterdam based producer SRNO released a new single ‘No One Else’ and it’s absolutely incredible. Featuring the vocalist Loick, the chill track features a great R&B sound mixed with modern day electronic elements. An electro-soul track done well is always good in my book. – malbin

Sonne Riley was commissioned by ESPN to create a poem for Serena Williams. The track eventually was recorded with some production and was turned into an all-around ode to all the black queens in the world. The execution of this as a poem was great – but the end product of this is even better. – malbin

Brixton native Joe Hertz has a truly soulful track on his hands with ‘Playing For You’ featuring a talented vocalist named Bassette. The production by Joe has alluring R&B layers and really allows the singer to glide over this track effortlessly. – malbin

Norway based producer MODES released his debut single earlier this week with ‘Give You Love’ featuring Julie Vo. The vibrant production features a great vocal performance from Julie. This track is an anthem for all the ladies that are holding their man down when they are down and need that boost. Shout out to all the beautiful women in the world that hold real men down! – malbin