Soundcloud Diggin Episode 39 (October 2, 2106)

Dear God, the second this track started playing it got my undivided attention. JSPH‘s new track ‘Breathe’ is the perfect mix of the new and old soul. Imagine D’Angelo mixed with NAO. The production features electronic elements that help brighten up a track that is pretty dark. This is the type of track that you play all day on repeat with absolutely no shame. Your soul will thank you later. – malbin

Eso.Xo.Supreme has a supremely dope track available from his new EP Monsters. The cut – ‘Do It’ – fits in the same realm as PARTYNEXTDOOR‘s of the music game but with it’s own twist on it. Featuring deep basslines, hard hitting drums, & shifty vocals, this track is perfect for any late night drive. – malbin

Here’s some electro-soul for your Sunday listening pleasures. Saigo‘s new single ‘The Other’ has a very interesting vocal sample throughout the track and the production is incredible – but the vocal performance is the real show-stopper. With a new EP on the way, you should get your craving for new music fixed here pretty soon. – malbin

Brooklyn native Aria Jay has an exceptional track on her hands with ‘Soar.’ Featuring production that sounds very influenced by Pharrell & The Neptunes, Aria’s mature voice steals the show and leaves you in a blissful aura. The track is jazzy and eclectic – a great combination. – malbin

CLEW is a Chicago based artist who just released his debut single ‘TARZAN.’ The song was produced by Prov, a frequent over here at Fashionably-Early. Featuring a very tribal, jungle vibe – hence the name – CLEW bounces between rapping and singing throughout the track but undoubtedly steals the show. The track is upbeat and very organic sounding. Can’t say I have heard a track like this before and that’s an amazing thing to know. – malbin

‘Sunburns’ is a crazy track packed with Chicago affiliates that I had no idea was coming out. neonpajamas has been inviting artists over to Chicago producer Jaro’s home studio to record songs and one of the tracks that came out of those sessions with ‘Sunburns.’ Featuring Kweku Collins & Iris Temple going over production from Jaro & San Soma, this is a very warm track that is going to get some serious run throughout the fall. – malbin

Oh shit, this isn’t a Soundcloud embed but fuck it. This is Nefew, a hip duo hailing form Switzerland. I guess you can say they’re a bit exotic for our American hip hop tastes but these guys are deeply committed to the core of what hip hop is and they express it nicely in their new song “Brand New Summer”. – Trixx