Soundcloud Diggin Episode 40 (October 9, 2016)

To be fair, anything with D.R.A.M. on it these days is going to get played. A plus is that this track from Quadie Diesel is solid even without the budding hip-hop star. The track is oozing with energy and it’s an undeniable banger. Add this to your weekend playlist as soon as possible. – malbin

Pablo Dylan is a name who has done a ton of production work for some big artists but we haven’t covered his solo material. That changes today with ‘Mulholland Drive’ featuring Goody Grace & Ryan McDermott (formerly? of G.O.O.D Music). I mostly know Pablo for his deep, dark sound but this has a bit of an uplifting sound to it and I’m really rocking with it. It’s a good mix of electronic and hip-hop without being too over-barring to either sound. – malbin

London – like Chicago – is a hotbed for new musicians lately and I think I may have discovered a new star in the making with Stella Talpo. Her track ‘Mattress’ is pure acoustic bliss and I’m not a huge fan of acoustic tracks. With vocals like this, you would be crazy to not love this. Absolutely stunning. – malbin

Producers anatu & Gabriel grab rapper Ceezlin for this soothing new track ‘lobster & crab.’ While Ceezlin questions the role of money in today’s relationships, the production on here adds levels to this track. It’s a real special showing all around. The production is very sparse, which helps showoff each element of the production even further throughout the track. – malbin