JAHKOY – Foreign Water (EP Stream)

JAHKOY‘s debut major label EP Foreign Water is now available for download and streaming. This EP marks JAHKOY‘s first project since inking his deal with Def Jam. The EP’s lone feature comes from ScHoolboy Q on the lead single ‘California Love.’ We’ve been fans of JAHKOY for a minute now and we’re excited to see his progression on this project.


JAHKOY Foreign Water (Tracklist)

1. California Heaven (Ft. ScHoolboy Q)
2. 1000 Times
3. No Regrets
4. F N Sexy
5. Don’t Beg
6. Selfish
7. Don’t Stop The Vibe

Let’s finish on your upcoming project, “Foreign Water.” It’s dropping at the end of the month. Is that gonna be your focus with the project? Big pop records with urban influences?

No, this is my introduction to the Jahkoy experience. Cause Jahkoy is an experience. I’m not even a person, I’m an experience. People always ask me what my genre is, and it’s really hard to label it ’cause it’s really just good music. I don’t want to label it as anything ’cause it is what it is. Lots of fresh sounds in there you definitely haven’t heard. This is my first project since recreating my brand.

You’ve been working on “Foreign Water” for a couple of years now. Were you shelfing all of your best material for the project?

Well, the idea I had originally was that I’d put out a full-length project – but I think the right move is to introduce my brand. I wanna introduce my brand first. I want people to know, OK, that’s Jahkoy right there. This is where I’m entirely me. I felt better than I was yesterday. As the days go on, I wanna be better than I was yesterday, and I feel that this really showcases me today.

What about the title?

I’m in America right now, and I’m from Canada. It’s like a lot of the things I learned from here are very foreign to me – new environment, and just really having to adjust to the newness. With Toronto having the spotlight right now with Drake and The Weeknd, people say there must be something in the water. So I figured I’d hand it back with a play on words: Here’s the “Foreign Water” I’m delivering.

What do you hope people take away from the project?

I want people to take in the experience. It’s like a new ride at the amusement park. You’re really intrigued ’cause you heard about how high it goes and how fast it is – but you really take in your own perspective when you go through it. That’s really what it is. It’s positive, great energy. I’m excited. – HNHH

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