Soundcloud Diggin Episode 43 (October 30th, 2016)

Damn near any song with NBA references in it is the type of song that has my full attention. Solomonilla pays homage to a legend on ‘Pistol Pete’ – where he effortlessly crosses over some bubbly production and hard hitting drums. And try to tell me that this hook doesn’t get planted into your brain after one listen. If you do, you’re lying. – malbin

Ashoka is making his return to Fashionably-Early with his best track to date in ‘Liar Liar.’ Featuring a vocal sample in the beginning of the track and carrying a nostalgic 90s vibe throughout from the production – the track shows a confident young artist showing growth. Keep an eye on this kid – he might be up to something. – malbin

Mark Elliott has a very strong all around track with ‘China Doll.’ The song lyrically highlights the insecurities at the beginning of a new relationship that anybody should be able to relate to (unless you’re forever alone). Unlike most electro-pop songs, this one is on the slower side but regardless is still a perfectly executed track. – malbin

We’re headed to Norway for Amish 82‘s new single ‘My Name.’ The song features a very mature vocalist Kirsti Huke. The synth-heavy track has a very somber sound to it and the vocal performance is very moody. It’s a very good track to tack onto your fall playlists. – malbin