6LACK – Free 6LACK (Album Stream)

6lack free 6lack

6LACK broke out this year after a few years of putting in work behind the scenes. His single ‘PRBLMS’ got a huge push from Apple Music and the rest is history. Millions upon millions of streams later, the Atlanta artist shares his debut retail project Free 6LACK. The project is 11 tracks long and has no features and will surely be in the same vain as the album’s pre-release singles.

Stream or download FREE 6LACK below and peep some words about the album from 6LACK.


1. Never Know
2. Rules
4. Free
5. Learn Ya
7. Luving U
8. Gettin’ Old
9. Worst Luck
10. Ex Calling
11. Alone / EA6

What inspired the title FREE 6LACK?
Being free from my old deal and free from my old relationships, free from my old ways of thinking. It’s just kind of a transition period for me. I was stuck in a deal for 4 or 5 years, and this is kind of like my coming out party.
What else inspired the album?
I touched on relationships a lot, and besides relationships, I touched on my label deal and just kind of where I come from — being from east Atlanta. Those are the main inspirations or the main topics I cover.

How do you want people to respond to your music?
I just want to put something out and I want people to take something from it. Whether it’s with relationships, whether it’s with your everyday life, whether it’s with music or your travel —whatever the hell it could be, I just want you listen and I want you to take something from it. I think relatability is an important thing right now, and it’s almost an untouched thing. I think what people need is to feel like somebody understands or goes through the same shit that they go through.

If you’re already successful, if you’ve already been signed for years, if you already have platinum records, you can’t really talk about the come-up or talk about the struggle or talk about the things that people can relate to if you’re already where you are. I think the beauty in what I get to do is cover a lot of topics that a lot of people go through on the daily.- FADER