Soundcloud Diggin Episode 44 (November 20, 2016)

Sam Setton is a New York based artist who has a very unique track on his hands with ‘Stranger.’ Featuring a big pop hook and well-done production, song touches lyrically touches on the touchy topic of breaking up. One day, you everything is great and you’re best friends with your partner. The next day, you could be strangers. Break ups are tough, but this track will help you get through one. – malbin

Chicago based singer/multi-instrumentalist Sam Trump blesses the world with a damn-near perfect new record titled ‘AMAZING.’ Laced with a soul and jazz infused production, the track really gives off a hopeful vibe that is desperately needed during times like this. There is a lot going on but the track really comes together perfectly. The track is very vibrant and full of life in every aspect. This is the type of track that makes you an instant fan of an artist and has you digging for more and more material. – malbin

My introduction to this duo came through Pell as they produced his single “Pretty Things” and they also produced “Vacation” for Pell. So as you could expect, the production on their first single is on point. Like I just eluded to, this is the duo’s first single of their own and they’re both rapping. The vocals are little raw but they aren’t far out of pocket on this catchy song “Juice”. Give the song a spin above and let us know what ya think! -Trixx

Ajani Jones has already appeared on Fashionably-Early and I did not realize that until I began writing this. He used to go by the name ANAK1N and I immediately remembered him by his voice. Today, we have a really dope track with ‘The Fall’ featuring FE favorite Femdot. Ajani sounds in peak form, touching on political issues facing America at this time and setting up Femi to do his thing on the track. This is a very strong, well-rounded track with a noticeable level of depth to it. – malbin

If you’re a fan of autotune crooners, you’re gonna love Che Ecru. I became familiar with him through Louis Val‘s song “The Most“, a song that’s had trouble leaving my headphones for months. “Fall” is Che Ecru‘s latest tune, a pillowy, lush song that perfectly exemplifies what his music is about.

With cuffing season about to be officially started across the country, Phabo‘s ‘Pedestal’ is a great track to add to your late night playlists. The track is mischievous and seductive over some crippling production. The sound on here is very familiar – up the alley of a Bryson or PND – but it has it’s own edge to it that makes it stand out. – malbin

We’re headed to Inglewood for this joint. Koache has a really strong track on his hands with ‘Turn Me Back.’ Apparently the track originally dropped featuring just Xzibit and a gritty Nottz beat, but on the remix the production was flipped into a jazzier track. The remix now features Demrick and Quan and the overall product is as solid as can be. – malbin