Soundcloud Diggin Episode 45 (November 27, 2016)

Baltimore keeps popping up with some really dope songs and ‘I’m Weak’ is no different. Don Neil grabs some bouncy production from Lewis Cullen and gives a show-stealing melodic performance. If you are grinding with your craft and ever feel like you are not moving the way you expected, just bump this song to get right back on track. – malbin

Indigo Svn is a Brooklyn native who just dropped his new single ‘Windows.’ The track could be described as an updated boom-bap sound on the production tip while delivery wise Indigo makes his own distinct mark. The track is short but really gets all it needs to get out in that time. Keep an eye out for this kid – if he keeps up this alley he’ll be onto something serious. – malbin

We’re about to touch down in Houston for this joint. Rico Zone released a self-produced joint recently titled ‘Cadillac Doors’ and the track has the perfect sprinkle of trill in the production. The hook on here is absolutely contagious – from the delivery to the production. With a Soundcloud full of tracks, ‘Cadillac Doors’ is easily the highlight of it and gives new fans a reason to be excited for Rico. – malbin

Telena is an artist I’m familiar with due to her explosive song ‘Up’ with Elias Abid, Smino, & Monte Booker. That song is a must listen by the way. The Chicago based artist released a supremely dope EP AERBOURNE this past week and it’s something that’ll need your full attention. The five track project has some very distinct vocal deliveries over one-of-a-kind production. This has a really organic, nostalgic vibe to it. Off the first listen, it felt like discovering a project that was recorded years ago and asking yourself “how have I never heard this?!” And lets keep it real, the album cover might be one of the best of 2016. Absolutely incredible. – malbin