Young M.A. – Eat (Video)

The hype behind “OOOUUU” has been dying out but 2016 was an enormous breakout year for the Brooklyn emcee. Young M.A. is constantly dealing with the pressure that comes with a huge hit single early on in her career as many people are doubting if she can do it again. Personally, there’s a few big, new artists this year that could very well end up being one hit wonders but I truly feel like Young M.A. is here to stay and that’s most importantly because she can spit.

“OOOUUU” was a little gimmicky and it was certainly an emulation of what Bobby Shmurda did with “Hot N*gga” but this new record “Eat” is a bar bonanza. This is Young M.A. spazzing on the track for 6 and half minutes with flawless rap prose.