Soundcloud Diggin Episode 47 (December 11, 2016)

This song’s a little dated by our standards but it most certainly deserves your ears. This is KHIRY oviim, a very versatile vocalist from the budding DMV scene. He’s still a raw talent but this joint “Pray” sounds clean and natural. Aside from the sonics, this song is a real personal one and I’m going to let Khiry tell the tale. Also, you can peep his latest cut ‘Love, Sex, Dreams’ below.

“While I was in the studio session recording this song, I actually broke down crying and had to step outside. My recording studio is a secret spot situated atop a church in D.C. and prior to recording, I had been kicked out of my home and the most important people to me turned their backs. It was my closest friend who gave me a home in his dorm room at a university that I don’t even go to. I spend every dollar I have on studio sessions because I have a fire under my ass and nothing but passion for my craft. I am homeless and with nothing left to lose.” – Trixx

We have a true collaborative effort on this track ‘First Class.’ Chocoholic grabbed kev, Tate Tucker & SUBI to complete this airy track. Featuring some chilling chords and great vocal performances all around, this is definitely a track that has potential to get some serious online buzz. This track is apparently coming out of Japan, which makes this even more special. – malbin

If I ever get Phony PPL vibes from any artist, I know that I found something special. Kyle Thornton & The Company is a self-proclaimed ‘soul-hop’ band based out of Boston that has an awesome track on their hands with ‘Complicated Melody.’ The seven piece band is great on here but the real star is Kyle Thornton, who provides a timeless vocal performance on this joint. You have to feel this one in your soul. – malbin

We’re heading back to the mid-atlantic, DMV area for this next spitter theantisocial.. This is a guy nobody knows and this is his first official single but his talent stuck out immediately. Atop of slick vocal sample, theantisocial. spazzes and shows off his impressive, sharp rhyme style. His flow’s quick but graceful and each word’s got some meaning; he’s not flowing fast just for the sake of rapping fast. There’s a sky high ceiling for this guy and we’re tagging along for the journey that lies ahead, join us. – Trixx

Nate Dizzwald has a very impressive track on his hands with ‘All Night.’ This joint is a string heavy song featuring a beautiful hook performed by Lasafro and clever rhymes from Nate. This all around is just a really solid track and you cannot have a problem with that. – malbin