Monday, November 29, 2021

Khalid – Saved

Khalid has now released a trio of songs to streaming services recently, beginning with “Reasons”, then “Coaster” and now he’s dropped “Saved”. What these songs all have in common is that they were already released on Soundcloud except now each song has been revitalized and polished and released officially. “Saved” was originally titled on Khalid‘s Soundcloud as “Saved (rough draft)”. The song’s now a final draft and you can listen to it below.

To add to the good news, Khalid dropped the tweet of the day an hour ago.

So it seems that the youngster who just graduated high school in 2016 will be dropping his debut album on March 3rd. We’ll keep you in tune to when more news on the album drops.

ALSO, the hard working teen is on his first headlining tour at the moment, in fact, it’s his first tour PERIOD. His glow up has been quick and you catch live if he’s coming to your city or a nearby city! He just performed the first date in Chicago tonight and he’s got a slew of other cities to follow. Check out the dates below.


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